Innovation in communication and customer loyalty

Companies need to communicate continuously, shocking, with messages and personalized experiences.

The most promising companies are those that are turning customers into fans of their brands.

  • For a client to become a "fan" of a brand you should integrate it into their daily lives, so the brand become a part of their lifestyle.
  • And for that, the brand must communicate in the same way and in the same space that your customers ... that is, in social networks, and using 1to1 messages.

Digital Strategy for SME

Development of advanced online strategies on social media

"Converting a corporate website in an online shop" " How to take advantage of social media for my business "

  • Evolution of web sites with basic standards of sales and recruitment negotiate.
  • Pret-a-porter and ready to use programs for SME
  • Support in defining strategies on-line integrating with sales and loyalty plans
  • Custom Projects empowerment of traffic to the website through social media, SEM and SEO.

SiM Consulting

Strategies for Video communication

How we can take advantage of the engagement strength of video communication, adapting it to all channels and devices.

Companies that want to use videos face three challenges:

  1. How to create content for this new format.
  2. How to produce this content economically.
  3. Managing and maintaining the videos posted on various media.

Since SiM help companies to:

  • Define complete video communication projects.
  • Scripting, creativity, storyboard and styles.
  • Audiovisual production video product training tutorials, event etc ...
  • Tracking impact and ROI.