Here you will find some of our the projects made with the SiM Team

Barcelona Insurance Brokers 

  • Sales, Marketing and Communication consultants for all the club's members.

  • Keynote speaker Fundació Auditorium


  • Development of marketing campaigns.

  • Implementation of Commercial methodology in different areas of the organization.

  • Homogenization in commercial policies and objectives between branches, offices and Headquarters.

Covergrup, specialized in classic cars

  • Commercial strategy support

  • Annual catchment and cross sale plan

  • Development of loyalty programs

  • Strategic planning



Iati, on-line travel protection broker

  • Training of the team in a global commercial focus

  • Support commercial strategy

  • Development of cross-selling models

Cobertis, Insurance Broker

  • Sales powering Whorshop for the Front Office Team

  • Made trought Fundació Auditorium

Palol Quer, family broker

  • Annual business planning review

  • Plan of SME recruitment campaigns

  • Plan of individual loyalty campaign

  • Growth strategy

  • Administrative team training

Das Insurance

  • Consulting of Corporate Branding presentation. 

  • Workshop to activate the commercial network.

  • Campaign Activation Product Family.

Avant2 Insurance Multiquotation 

  • Development of the ASS (Activation Sales Service)

  • On-line Platform with campaigns and commercial material for all clients of Avant2.

  • Ad-hoc services. for Loyalty Programs and Portfolio commercial managment 

Zurich Insurance

  • Innovation in customer communication 

  • Creation of a Personalized Video for Car and Home portfolio renewal. 

  • Project 3 Win Innovation Awards in the insurance sector.

Asset Ibérica (aseguromifranquicia)

  • Implementation of Commercial plan.

  • Support in product definition and supply.

  • Product presentation to brokers.

  • Plan for attracting Key Accounts.

Sphera Global Health

  • Marketing and Communication Director

  • Development area of large international accounts (From B2C to B2B, mainly in Africa and Russia.

  • Rethinking offer for new insurance and banking markets

  • Website redesign

CRC (Central Car Repair). Quadis group

  • Project linkage to the Mediation Channel. 

  • Strategic definition.

  • Development and implementation of the action.

Guild bakeries in Barcelona.

  • Analysis of the commercial potential of the insurance department.

  • Action plan to boost sales for its Cow product.

  • Plan to increase value of the existing customer portfolio.

CAFUR, Real State 

  • Marketing and Communication Consultant

  • CEO Staff for commercial managment

HidroAltaux, specialists in water treatment systems

  • Starting a new B2B channel named "Hidrohoreca"

  • Training about consultative sales process for BTC sales team.

  • Implementation of commercial methodology.

  • Support to create a new network of relationships for B2B.